Here at Lakeland Permaculture we’re interested in helping people to learn: not so much in teaching. There’s a difference.

Teaching usually has an agenda, or a list of things that need to be taught.  Once the things on the list have been ‘taught’. using the best and most effective methods, with careful revision and support, it then becomes the learner’s faullt if they haven’t learned them in the time available.

Maybe they weren’t paying attention. Maybe their motivation was poor. Maybe they have a learning difficulty. Maybe they didn’t get enough sleep last night. Whatever.

Quite possibly, they just didn’t want to be there. (Especially in a compulsory system) . Possibly they don’t believe they can learn, or they are too afraid to try.  So we end up with many people – especially women – claiming they  “can’t do maths”  (giggle, giggle – why is it OK to laugh at failure in maths?) or having a ‘mental block’ when it comes to numbers. Others have much the same struggle with reading, and end up losing out on so much of our shared culture.

Even for little kids, not learning stuff when you’re expected to makes you feel bad about yourself. As people get older, there”s an accumulation of negative feelings about the whole thing.

Learning needs to be real, relevant, challenging and fun. That’s why we use a lot of games and ‘silly’ activities –  especially with adukts – that get people involved without making them afraid.   We try not to ‘teach’, but to let people learn for themselves.

And none of it is compulsory.


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