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Evelyn had an article about teaching published in the September issue :

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Comparisons #1: Chickens and children

Comparisons #1

Our state school system versus battery hens


chickens children
compulsory compulsory
caged classroom
artificial light artificial light
enforced production enforced workload
large groups large groups
limited choice of companions limited choice of companions
single-age groups single-age groups
limited choice of activity limited choice of activity
noisy noisy
superficial relationships superficial relationships
processed food processed food
Introduction of the European Union Council Directive 1999/74/EC[3] which, due to welfare concerns, effectively banned conventional battery cages in the EU from January 2012, means the number of eggs from battery cages in the EU states is rapidly decreasing.


In the United Kingdom compulsory education begins between four and a half and five and a half; since 1972 it has ended at the age of 16. But from 2013 compulsory education, be it traditional classroom education or training is planned to be raised to the age of 17, and from 2015 to the age of 18.